Anna’s fitness journey started at an early age. While being raised around the globe along with her siblings, sport became a source of consistency. Fitness became the foundation of friendships, health and personal enjoyment. Anna was a multi-sport athlete while attending high school at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe. Once high school ended and she left for College in the US. The gym became a way for her to maintain a connection to personal fitness.


However, a desire for something more challenging lingered. While in South Africa she explored her connection to fitness even further and discovered CrossFit. With CrossFit she found a place where she could combine serious fitness goals, competition and most importantly a supportive environment. Soon thereafter she made the decision to become a coach. While in Zambia she worked as a personal trainer for individual clients before finding Crossfit Amaka. While at Amaka, Anna ascended achieving a CrossFit level 2 certification (CF L-2).  She then made the decision to return home to Kenya where she worked at Crossfit Kwetu before finding a home at FirstPower Fitness.


  • CrossFit Level 2

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