Igniting a life-changing, uplifting, energizing fire in Kenya!

Bryant & Lauren Swenson came to Nairobi in 2017 after running a vibrant CrossFit Gym in the United States for a decade.

  • FirstPower is committed to providing a powerfully positive training environment with premier coaching, equipment and facilities.
  • FirstPower will equip, encourage, and empower our clients to be stronger – yes, physically, but also in the way they think, in the way they lead, and in the way they contribute to community.
  • FirstPower champions togetherness, teachability, tenacity, and transformation.

Core Values

We are a community who encourages and empowers each other. We work hard, together. Everybody belongs.

We champion the learning process and embrace the journey to becoming stronger – physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally.

Set goals, take action, stick to it. Every workout counts, building core strength day after day. Our purpose is to help you to become the best person you can be.

When you see the commitment, sweat and hard work through, you are shaping your future. That transformation can change more lives than just your own.


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