Stephanie Wood

Career: Stay at Home Mom

Years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA: 6

"Friends, Positivity and Wellness"

Stephanie Wood

Stephanie joined our gym with her best friend Becky because they wanted a great outlook on life and healthy self-image, even while in the demanding and overwhelming early child-rearing years.

Though their CrossFit journey started as a small step toward hope for sanity and health, they have found camaraderie, laughter, healthy competition, achievement and purpose that marks the lives of so many at the gym. Life can throw some pretty big hurdles over the years – Steph’s life is richer and stronger because of the time she’s poured into herself, her family, and her CrossFit community.

*Bryant and Lauren Swenson moved to Nairobi, Kenya in 2017 to start FirstPower Fitness. Stephanie continues to be an active member of the gym they founded, CrossFit Cedar City (Utah, USA).

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