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After retiring from soccer in 2011 due to prolonged injury, Collins maintained his passion for fitness by coaching sports and conditioning kids and teens, while doing body weight workouts and boot camps to keep himself fit. Frustrated that these workouts still weren’t pushing him to be his best, in 2016 Collins decided to give CrossFit a try. It was a perfect fit because two of his highest values are closely integrated into each class: community, and goal achievement. “Where else can you be part of great community of likeminded people, and pursue your goals with intensity, with achievable successes paving the way?” Collins loves healthy competition and he enjoys lifting others up and helping them to see what is possible with a little hard work. He is happily married with two very cool kids.


What is your favorite thing about being a CrossFit Coach?
It is a great feeling when you help someone do something they once thought was impossible.
How many times have you summited Mt. Kenya?
Eight times so far. I love hiking, camping, outdoor games and road trips, too!
You like goals. What fitness goal are you pursuing right now?
This year I want to rank as one of the top 20 fittest men in Africa in the CrossFit Games Open Competition. Last year I finished #38 in my age category (35-39 in Africa & Middle East).
How many donuts have you eaten in a single sitting? Be honest.
Two. My wife makes the best donuts in town, but am not a sweet tooth so I can't eat more than that.

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