Coach, Olympic Weightlifting Specialist


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Staff Member
  • USA Weightlifting Instructor
  • Yoga RYT-200


Veronica will tell you, she was an awkward kid with no athletic ability.  But as the years went by she made the choice to change by jogging, taking fitness classes and eating healthier meals. This led to a love for fitness and nutrition.  “We all have a starting point where it may seem impossible or unlikely to be fit or strong. Don’t look at it as a challenge, but more like a baseline, and just progress from there!” At university, Veronica met a coach who introduced her to Powerlifting which started her journey lifting heavy things. She competed for 9 years before switching to Olympic Weightlifting 14 years ago. Before long it was clear to her that CrossFit was opening the door for many people to make strides in health, wellness — and in Weightlifting! Veronica began to dabble in the many movements that CrossFit integrates and has been happy to grow as she has incorporated CrossFit into her training. “Many years and numerous coaches have taught me so much, I don’t want to keep it all to myself.”


If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?
A mermaid. I love the ocean - it's my favorite place to be! Also, I'm not convinced they're mythical.
What lessons has Weightlifting taught you?
Patience, persistence, perseverance, focus, and being mentally in charge.
When you're having fun in a workout session, what will we hear from your corner?
What is the most interesting thing you've done in the last five years?
Wow that's a long time! I don't know how to narrow it down, I've been blessed by so many experiences. I worked for a skydiving company in San Diego, California for a while and that was a total blast!
What do you love about coaching?
Making fitness fun and memorable, and teaching in an uncomplicated way, so that even kids can learn.

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