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What Makes FirstPower Fitness Unique?

We are a powerfully positive functional fitness gym, offering premier coaching, equipment and facilities.

In a city of 4 million people, there are a lot of places to work out. Come and see the difference.

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Our experience is that beginners and seasoned athletes rise to the occasion, are more energized, and produce longer-lasting results when they're surrounded by a community that encourages and empowers them through every workout. That's why our FPF Core Programs and Specialty Classes are intentionally about Togetherness.

While everyone's goals may differ, the bottom line is, if fitness is fun and personal connections are meaningful, your motivation is going to increase. If you have a WHY, our group classes are the HOW that gets you where you want to be.



FirstPower is proud to set itself apart as a gym where all of our coaches are highly trained and internationally certified.

Our training staff is committed to giving you the attention you need with a high standard for excellence in the form, function and execution of every movement, but we also are passionate about making fitness a great experience. Striving hard after your goals should be something you look forward to day after day, and our coaching and FPF Core Programs, Specialty Classes and Skill Sessions will deliver!


Life is dynamic, and your training for it should be as well! At FirstPower Fitness, we are providing the best space in all of Nairobi for you to do "constantly varied functional movement at high intensity." We are committed to providing a well-maintained environment, clean locker rooms, and quality equipment that speaks excellence and respect to every person who enters our building.  Delivering the best to our clients also means that we will be very selective when it comes to availing our floor space for uses beyond our FPF Core Programs.

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