Our Story

Igniting a life-changing, uplifting, energizing fire in Kenya!

Bryant & Lauren Swenson came to Nairobi in 2017 after running a vibrant CrossFit Gym in the United States for a decade.

  • FirstPower is committed to providing a powerfully positive training environment with premier coaching, equipment and facilities.
  • FirstPower will equip, encourage, and empower our clients to be stronger – yes, physically, but also in the way they think, in the way they lead, and in the way they contribute to community.
  • FirstPower champions togetherness, teachability, tenacity, and transformation.

Core Values

We are a community who encourages and empowers each other. We work hard, together. Everybody belongs.

We champion the learning process and embrace the journey to becoming stronger – physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally.

Set goals, take action, stick to it. Every workout counts, building core strength day after day. Our purpose is to help you to become the best person you can be.

When you see the commitment, sweat and hard work through, you are shaping your future. That transformation can change more lives than just your own.

Eric Riithos success story

Eric Riitho

almost 1 years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

Almost 1 year ago I chose to be better. This included changing my fitness journey to be more challenging and fulfilling, hence the path to CrossFit. The opening and location of FirstPower Fitness was very ideal and this is where I found a community, as I ...

AK Roenchens success story

AK Roenchen

1+ years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

Especially now (May 2020), it’s great to be back!! With covid, we all have lost control over so many aspects of our lives, but whether I do 2 more jerks, 10 more skips, that’s totally up to me and for these 60 minutes I’m in control again. Feels goo...

Cathy Kuyohs success story

Cathy Kuyoh

1+ years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

When an annual wellness check at work in 2018 showed that I was overweight, I took it upon myself to start working out at least 3 times a week. I joined FirstPower in April 2019 when it launched, and I absolutely love the community and my progress!! I'm a...

Lawrence Kinyanjuis success story

Lawrence Kinyanjui

1+ years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

I didn’t know what I was walking into when I signed up for CrossFit at FirstPower just over a year ago. It has been a great journey since that day that has transformed me both physically and mentally. The great support from the coaches and fellow gym...

Jacqueline Fortess success story

Jacqueline Fortes

less than 1 years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

I was at home in Menorca overlooking the beach with my husband and his best friend, Louis. As we talked about my love for fitness and success in quitting smoking, Louis suddenly said, “Jackie, I think you are perfect for CrossFit. Do you know about it?...

Natasha Anyonyis success story

Natasha Anyonyi

1+ years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA

"CrossFit helped me change my state of mind: Fitness is not something you're born with, you work for it and make it a lifestyle." Natasha joined FirstPower in April 2019. Consistency and tenacity paid off when she achieved her first unassisted pull-up aft...