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KES 9500


Open Gym

Our most basic package, Silver gives you access to Open Gym. Upgrades can be purchased on a punchcard or a per-class basis, as long as pre-requisites are met.

  • Pre-Pay Discounts
  • 3-month (save 5%):  27,075/=
  • 6-month (save 8%):  52,440/=
  • Yearly (save 10%):  102,600/=

KES 14500


Unlimited CrossFit & PowerFit Classes + Open Gym

This membership gives you access to FPF Core classes & Open Gym. If you want to try out a Specialty Class before upgrading to Platinum, we have options for you.

  • Pre-Pay Discounts
  • 3-month (save 5%):  41,325/=
  • 6-month (save 8%):  80,040/=
  • Yearly (save 10%):  156,600/=

KES 16000


Unlimited CrossFit, PowerFit & Specialty Classes + Open Gym

This Full Access membership welcomes you to all of our FPF Core programs, Open Gym & Specialty Classes.

  • Pre-Pay Discounts
  • 3-month (save 5%):  45,600/=
  • 6-month (save 8%):  88,320/=
  • Yearly (save 10%):  172,800/=

Prep Courses

Your safety and wellness are our priority! Because we care, everyone starts off with a good foundation.

Intro to CrossFit @ 12,000/=
Functional Fitness 101 @ 6,000/=
Customized Foundations (per 1-on-1 session) @ 2,500/=
  • Intro to CrossFit required for all Gold and Platinum members* (6 sessions)
  • Functional Fitness 101 required for all Silver members* (3 sessions)
  • Customized Foundations Course: Tailored to you, pay per session for 1-on-1 time with a certified trainer in preparation for Open Gym or FPF Core Classes

Prep courses are required for all FPF Core Programs. *Test-Out option is available.


Taking your FirstPower experience to the next level?

Specialty Class (Gold & Silver) @ 2,000/= monthly; 1,500/= per additional class
Specialty Class (non-member) @ 1,500/= per session
Skill Session (45 min.) @ 2,500/=
Silver Access Punchcard Pre-pay @ 1,500/= per day
Gold Access Punchcard Pre-pay @ 1,500/= per day
  • Specialty Classes may be added to Gold and Silver memberships, and they are available to non-members. If you fall in love with this next-level coaching, you can upgrade to Platinum and attend all the specialty classes you want!
  • Skill Sessions give you 1-on-1 time with a coach, and are by appointment only.
  • Silver Access Punchcard is for people who want to periodically access our Open Gym on a one-off basis. Functional Fitness 101 is a pre-requisite.* 
  • Gold Access Punchcard is for people who want to periodically attend any of our FPF Core Classes or Open Gym on a one-off basis. Introduction to CrossFit Course is a pre-requisite.*

All non-members will need to agree to FPF Box Rules and sign a liability waiver prior to gaining access to our facilities. *Test-Out option is available.

Note: All the above prices are in KES (Kenyan Shilling).