Functional fitness at its best. Coach-led group classes.

We have yet to find an approach to fitness that is more well-rounded for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Designed to prepare you physically for what life throws your way, CrossFit develops skill, power, endurance and mental strength. Each class is led by a highly skilled trainer, incorporating body weight exercises, barbells, and everything in between.


Our experience is that beginners and seasoned athletes rise to the occasion, are more energized, and produce longer-lasting results when they're surrounded by a community that encourages and empowers them through every workout. That's why our FPF Core Programs and Specialty Classes are intentionally about Togetherness.

While everyone's goals may differ, the bottom line is, if fitness is fun and personal connections are meaningful, your motivation is going to increase. If you have a WHY, our group classes are the HOW that gets you where you want to be.


Prep Courses

Your safety and wellness are our priority! Because we care, everyone starts off with a good foundation.

Intro to CrossFit @ 8,000/=

New member sign-up is 22,500/= for Intro to CrossFit + Gold Monthly
  • Intro to CrossFit required for all Gold and Platinum members (4 sessions in first week of membership)
  • Test-Outs are available for people with CrossFit background. Test-outs are by appointment and may qualify a new member to reduce or pass out of attending the pre-requisite course.

Intro to CrossFit is required for participation in CrossFit classes.

Intro to CrossFit


Compulsory 1-week course for new CrossFitters

Receive one-on-one attention before joining our regular classes. Learn foundational movements, and core principles to fuel your CrossFit experience!

  • Classes run Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at a set time, by appointment.

Kids & Teens

Fun functional fitness classes specifically for kids & teens!

8,500 | 7,500 sibling discount rate

Fun and aimed at kids' specific developmental stages, these functional fitness classes build physical and mental fitness!

  • KIDS ages 5-8: Mon & Wed @ 3 PM | Sat @ 9:30 AM
  • PRE-TEENS ages 9-12: Mon & Wed @ 4 PM | Sat @ 10:30 AM
  • TEENS ages 13-17: Mon & Wed @ 5 PM | Sat @ 11:30 AM

Private Training

Work one-on-one with a CrossFit certified trainer

We have a limited amount of private training available.

  • 2,500/= per session
  • For those wanting to schedule regular/weekly private training sessions, PT Membership is 5,000/= monthly + purchase of PT Punch Card(s).
  • Memberships and Punch Cards will not be issued without prior agreement with a trainer and approval of FPF management.