Specialty Classes

Increase your capacity!


Perhaps you have seen Weightlifting in the Olympic games. The Clean & Jerk and Snatch are complex movements that can be beautifully inspiring when executed well.  These high-skill movements build strength and generate tremendous power as athletes move a barbell from the ground to overhead (in a single movement = snatch; from the ground to the shoulders, then shoulders to overhead = clean & jerk).


Descriptions coming soon…. classes started in November 2020!

Punch Cards

Need some flexibility? We have some great options.

2,000 CrossFit/Specialty Class Drop-In

9,000 5-session CrossFit/Specialty Class Punch Card - good for 2 months

15,000 10-session CrossFit/Specialty Class Punch Card - good for 1 year

1,500 Open Gym Drop-In

6,000 5-session Open Gym Punch Card - good for 2 months

10,000 10-session Open Gym Punch Card - good for 6 months

2,500 Private Training - 45 min.

5,000 PT Monthly Membership (Base fee for members wanting ONLY PT. Training sessions pre-arranged at regular punch card rate.)

CROSSFIT/SPECIALTY CLASS PUNCH CARD: Available for periodic attendance in CrossFit &
Specialty Classes.*CrossFit classes require Intro to CrossFit or a Test-Out.




SPECIALTY CLASSES include Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Mobility & Gymnastics.




OPEN GYM PUNCH CARD: Available for periodic use of Open Gym.




PRIVATE TRAINING (PT) SESSIONS give you 1-on-1 time with a coach, and are by appointment only. 2-person PT Sessions are also available at a different rate - see front desk for details.

Please note that Punch Cards have differing expiry dates.