Jacqueline Fortes

Career: Mom and Wife, Former Fashion Model

Years at FirstPower Fitness - CrossFit NAIROBI KENYA: less than 1

"Day by day I’m more capable and I’m eager to challenge myself, saying, “I can do it!”"

Jacqueline Fortes

I was at home in Menorca overlooking the beach with my husband and his best friend, Louis. As we talked about my love for fitness and success in quitting smoking, Louis suddenly said, “Jackie, I think you are perfect for CrossFit. Do you know about it?” In my silence, I thought about the athletes in the CrossFit Games and I answered him, “No, no, no!”

After moving to Kenya and adjusting to the huge change for our family, on 19 September 2019, my husband and I decided to jump in and start Intro to CrossFit with coach Lauren. I was not sure about it, and was not happy to be there because I didn’t want to dramatically change my physique. I didn’t think I was the body type that could do CrossFit.

But look at what has happened! CrossFit brings me happiness, confidence and health. Day by day I’m more capable and I’m eager to challenge myself, saying, “I can do it!” I just delight – my heart explodes – when I discover that I have skills I never thought I would be capable of (like rope climbs!). One thing I have to say is, “It’s not easy when my heart beats for those Burpeeeeeees! Olé olé olé!”

I admire and respect all my colleagues and coaches. I feel at home with FirstPower Fitness and I am grateful and thankful for my CrossFit family.

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