AK Roenchen

"CrossFit has been the first sport which encourages me to get strong, not skinny. That has been quite a revelation and I love it!"

AK Roenchen

Especially now (May 2020), it’s great to be back!! With covid, we all have lost control over so many aspects of our lives, but whether I do 2 more jerks, 10 more skips, that’s totally up to me and for these 60 minutes I’m in control again. Feels good!

After two months of CrossFit, I competed at the Rhino Charge. As a “runner”, I ran, scrambled, climbed, up and down, on and on through the Kenyan bush for hours and hours. And I could have kept going! I wanted to keep going! I’ll be climbing Mt Kenya soon and feeling so confident in my fitness like I’ve never felt before.

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